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More thoughtful than chocolates. Lasts longer than flowers.
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NoteCube is a stylish keepsake box filled with beautiful notes. It's a way for people to express their feelings towards someone special, a box full of memories and love. It's an opportunity for you to give a gift they won't forget, a gift they can rely on to make them smile time and time again.

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  • Choose 10 Qualities
  • Express your Love

The best way to say I love you just got easier.

More thoughtful than chocolates, lasts longer than flowers.
A NoteCube will make them love you even more.

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Create a beautiful collection of printed, personalized notes and photos that express your love and appreciation in a keepsake gift like no other.

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You can now create the most thoughtful gift in the world, instantly!

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Your NoteCube is designed and crafted for longevity & style.
When you’re giving something so special, every little thing matters.

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About Us…

A brother & sister team!

It all started back in February 2015 when siblings James and Lauren Billingham were having a brainstorming session about what to get their Mum for her 60th Birthday. They sat for hours trying to think of a gift that their Mum would treasure, something that was sentimental and meaningful, then it hit them; for their Mother's 60th they would collect sixty different memories from all her friends and family throughout her life, and then present them to her in a box. Finding the right box, keeping track of all the notes and then presenting them in an appealing way proved very difficult and time consuming. In fact it nearly prevented them from doing it! However, they didn't give up; their Mum got the gift and loved it so much she cried with joyful tears - it was extremely touching and she still treasures it today.

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