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What’s Included:

  • 52 x Weekly Update Notes
  • 20 x Optional Notes
  • 1 x Handcrafted wood box
  • 1 x Engraving on the lid
  • 1 x Free digital timeline
  • 1 x Free Shipping Worldwide

Total Cost: only $89 USD

What’s Included:

  • 52 x Weekly Update Notes
  • 20 x Optional Notes
  • 1 x Handcrafted wood box
  • 1 x Engraving on the lid
  • 1 x Free digital timeline
  • 1 x Free Shipping Worldwide

Total Cost: only $89 USD

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Fill your notes with experiences and photos each week using our suggestions or simply write your own. Your 52 notes (1 a week) will be accompanied by up to 20 additional messages including sweet messages from your friends & family, future wishes for your baby, photos & feelings from when you were pregnant, what's happening in the world the month they're born, or anything else you would like to include! View the digital timeline of memories shared between you and your baby, and invite family & friends to follow your progress anytime. After completing 52 weeks, submit your timeline for printing and receive your memories beautifully presented in a keepsake box.

✓ A keepsake BabyCube wood box, designed and crafted for longevity and style to fit your notes perfectly. It's a gift you can keep for a lifetime. Every wood box made is unique just for you.
✓ Each note printed on the finest Italian 315gsm card, making them sturdy and durable.
✓ Engraving on the lid of your wood box, detailing your baby’s first name and birth date.
✓ A digital timeline to keep track of every moment shared between you and your baby, easy to share with friends & family.
✓ Your gorgeous textured notes professionally printed and guillotined to 10cm X 10cm.
✓ Option to add photos.
✓ Champagne ribbon and bow to hold the notes together for beautiful presentation.
✓ Shredded paper on the bottom of the BabyCube to make it easy to lift each note.
✓ Hours of your time saved.
1. Purchase your BabyCube at any time, before or after your due date.
2. Start entering pregnancy stories or gathering well-wishes from family & friends.
3. Begin your first week whenever you’re ready, or catch up on missed weeks if getting started late.
4. Every week we’ll send you a reminder to fill out that week’s memory with your baby. One side of the note will feature the message, and the other side will be a photo to complement.
5. Throughout the year you will also have 20 extra notes you can include such as messages from your closest friends and family, future wishes for your baby, stories of how you told your partner you were pregnant, or anything else you’d like to include.
6. After 52 weeks, you can review your notes and submit them for printing. Your final BabyCube will arrive beautifully presented with up to 72 notes (52 weeks of the first year and up to 20 additional).
7. You’ll also be given the option to continue with Year 2 and watch your baby’s timeline grow!
What are the box dimensions?
Wood box: W130mm x L130mm x H60mm.

How many notes are included in the BabyCube?
There’s the top/first note containing your baby’s birth details, 52 notes for the 52 weeks in a year and up to 19 additional notes, so a total of 72 notes is possible.

How long do I have to write the notes?
You can take as long as you need to write the notes; there’s no time limit. You’ll be given the option to mark the BabyCube as ready to be made and shipped once you’ve completed the 52 notes, whether it’s been more or less than 52 weeks since you started the first note.

Will I receive weekly reminders to fill out my notes?
Yes, you’ll be sent an email each week prompting you to complete your note for the week. If you’re backdating your notes you can also unsubscribe from these reminders if necessary.

If I miss a week am I able to go back and fill it out?
Yes, you can simply access your account and fill in the missing week(s) until you’re all up to date!

Can I start before/after having my baby?
Yes. If you haven’t yet had your baby, you can start by writing the optional notes and then fill in the baby’s details and begin the weekly timeline once you’ve had your baby. If you’ve had your baby and need to go back, you can do the weekly timeline from memory.

Can I add photos to my notes?
You can add a photo to each note (except the top/first note) at no additional cost. Photos will be printed on the same textured card as the note, not on photo paper. The higher quality the photo, the better it will look when printed.

Can I edit my BabyCube on mobile as well as desktop?
Yes, you can edit your notes and upload photos via mobile or desktop, whichever you prefer!

Are the notes private?
Yes, we would never share your notes with anyone. Notes can only be accessed with the unique link provided after purchase.

I’m buying it as a gift - will the recipient be sent a gift card?
Yes, just submit their email address on the ‘Thank You’ page after purchase.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, and it’s free!

How can I contact you?
Please email if you need to contact us.
NoteCube founders James & Lauren are so confident you'll love it, that if you don't, we'll give you a full refund. That means it's no-risk shopping!
It can take up to 8-12 business days for your BabyCube to arrive at its destination once you've marked it as ready to ship.
Rated 4.8/5 Stars on Facebook & TrustPilot!

"The quality of the paper is very good and thick. I love the idea of being able to personalize the notes on your own and add whatever photo you want. The shipping was also very fast. I would 10/10 recommend this to anyone" - Emilee, TrustPilot

"Such a brilliant concept. Personalising the notes is vey straightforward and it’s great to have ideas to get you started. Delivery was extremely fast - even to the UK, and I appreciated the emails keeping me informed of where they’d got to." - KMH, TrustPilot

"The product is of high quality and I cannot thank the staff enough - every question I asked was promptly answered and delivery was less than a week of submitting final edit. Thank you!" - MooMoo, TrustPilot

"As I wrote the notes and chose photos to go along I developed an emotional connection to it. I really enjoyed creating it and the customer service is excellent! It’s a 5 star product and service!" - Bianca Moraes, TrustPilot