How to Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Work

To anyone in a long-distance relationship, we feel you. We see so many people sending a NoteCube to a partner who can’t physically be with them - the situation sucks, but we’re so pleased a special box of messages is able to close the distance, however metaphorically. You’re certainly not alone - a few of us at NoteCube HQ have endured long distance with our partners for one reason or another. We appreciate that knowing that other people are going through the same experience as you doesn’t necessarily make it any easier, but you can learn from them. Below are some of the ways that we got/get through it.

Remind Yourselves of Why You’re Doing it

Long distance is incredibly testing, but to not let it break you, you have to remind yourselves of the positives. There may be nothing nice about the distance itself, but you’re going through it for a reason. If it’s by choice, it may be beneficial to your or your partner’s career or long-term goals. For one of our team members, she is away from her partner for several weeks at a time throughout the year due to his job, but they remind themselves of the benefits of him working away. If it’s out of your control, reassure each other that it won’t be forever and a time will come when you will be able to be together. On really difficult days, make a list on why your partner is worth waiting for. Whether it’s by choice or not, the realistic fact of long distance is that it can’t be forever.

Send Sexy Photos & Messages

Physical contact and intimacy is completely absent in a long-distance relationship, making it arguably the biggest struggle. If you can’t touch or be intimate with your partner, the next best thing is to be able to see them and talk about things you’ll do to each other next time you’re together. Just be prepared for some sexually frustrating moments at work, late at night and first thing in the morning!

Video Call Regularly

You can’t go out to dinner or the movies, so for now, date night comprises a video call. At least once a week, arrange a day and a time that suits you both so that you can chat at length without any delay or distractions, focusing solely on each other. To make it feel like a proper date, put on a movie and watch it ‘together’ or play a game online. Take the opportunity when and where you can - when one of our team members was in the UK, she’d FaceTime her partner during her lunch break at work while he was getting ready for bed in Australia.

Stay Involved in Each Other’s Lives

Ask about events and people that are important in your partner’s life and take an interest in goings-on so you both feel involved. Not only does it show you care and make you more of a part of their life now, but it will make it easier for you to easily slot into each other’s lives once you’re able to be together.

Send Surprise Gifts

Show your partner you’re thinking of them with surprise gifts that make them think of you. Flowers, wine, jewellery, gift certificates, a keepsake of messages and photos, or anything to support their hobbies will make them feel special when they miss you. It’s a little way to make them feel better and part of a couple, when all they really want is you.

Plan for the Future

It’s often said that you need to endure the lows to enjoy the highs, so if long distance is the low, imagine how good you’re going to feel when you finally get to be together. Allow yourself to be excited and think about what you can do together once the period of long distance is over - move in together, go on trips and holidays, socialise with mutual friends, get married, start a family, make a life together.

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