6 Things You Can Do to Prepare Yourself for Your Baby

You only have a few weeks before you welcome your new baby into the world and your focus has been on making sure you have everything your baby needs. The crib has been built, the car seat has been fitted, you’ve signed up to a pediatrician and you now have enough babygrows to last a month. Have you thought about what you need? Your emotional and mental wellbeing is incredibly important as you prepare to embark on this incredible life journey. Here are our tips for how you can prepare yourself for your baby’s arrival over the coming weeks.

Get Pampered

You’re 30-something weeks pregnant and carrying a small load around your waist, so your body may be crying out for some TLC. Give it some respite and relax with a warm bath, a foot massage, a manicure or a visit to your hairdresser. You’ll struggle to find time to fit these things in shortly, so treat yourself now while you can!

Be Romantic

Make time for just you and your partner - soon there will be three of you in the relationship. Have romantic dinners, go for walks, or book a babymoon so you get plenty of quality time in. Don’t neglect naps or binge-watching your favourite shows together before you’re both rushed off your feet with feeds, nappies and entertaining your little one.

Meal Prep

Over the next few weeks, if you make any meals that can be frozen, double up so you can turn to them after your baby’s born. Even if you really enjoy cooking as a pastime, you may not have time to soon, but this way you’ll still be able to have a nice, home-cooked meal that simply needs heating up. Focus on plenty of protein, whole grains and vegetables. If you need a quick but filling snack, freeze pre-portioned smoothie ingredients so you can just chuck them in the blender

Accept Support

Have people around you who can offer you emotional and physical support now and after the birth. Ask current mums their advice and find local community groups to meet up with other expectant mothers so you can bond over shared - or different - experiences. If your partner, a friend or a family member offers their help, don’t be too proud to accept it! You don’t have to do this alone.

Keep Moving

It can be so tempting to rest and relax all of the time when carrying the extra weight of your baby, but it’s important to stay active. Light exercise such as walking, swimming and yoga is safe as long as your body temperature doesn’t increase too much. If you’re attending a class, ensure you’re with a qualified instructor who knows you’re pregnant. Don’t let people do everything for you - you can still walk to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. It will benefit you and your baby now and after they’re born.

Pack Your Bags

Chances are, once your waters break or you get ready to head into hospital, you won’t be able to think of much else than the event ahead. While you have time and a clear head, pack your hospital bags now so they can be swiftly picked up and thrown into the car - especially as your baby may come earlier than expected! Remember to pack for yourself for during and after labour (separate bags may help), then pack anything your little one may need before you bring them home. Even if you’re not in hospital for long, bring 20-30 newborn nappies with you (newborns can go through 10-12 nappies per day!) Refer to our checklist below.

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Medical history

Dressing gown



Lip balm


Your favourite pillow

A book or tablet




Maternity pads

Underwear including nursing bras


Nipple cream

Comfortable clothes

What to Pack For Your Baby






Muslin squares

Going-home outfit

Don’t forget to install the car seat now!

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