Top 10 Sexiest Attributes for 2021

The qualities that are striking a chord


Given the disruption that 2020 has brought to work-life and job security, people have been pushed to change jobs or rethink their careers. For some, the stress and uncertainty could be too much; for others, it might be the push they need to go for something they really want. This positive reaction to survive and grow in troubling times, rather than bury your head in the sand, is incredibly attractive to someone who is considering spending the rest of their lives with you. Have you taken risks or fought for something you really want?
Would you consider yourself successful?


Just as ambition is an admirable trait, being supportive of that ambition is equally as attractive. Imagine how much easier it is to make life-changing decisions when you have the full support of your other half. That kind of emotional security is invaluable when life is throwing so much uncertainty at you.
Are you in tune to others’ emotions?
Do you ask your partner how they are and really listen to them?


Someone who is mindful of their health and wellbeing is sexy because they are prolonging their quality of life - and ultimately yours. They are taking care of themselves so that they can have a longer, better life with you. Seeing your partner make this effort can encourage you to do the same, making you more attractive to each other.
Do you watch what you’re putting into your body?
Could you be more active?


You don’t need us to tell you how important trust is in a relationship - it can fall apart without it. To have trust that is undeniable requires both parties to be honest with their words and actions so that the other person never has to question or doubt them. Similar to Supportive, the security that it brings to a relationship makes it a vital ingredient to a long, happy relationship.
Are you open and honest in your relationship?
When was the last time you lied to your partner, family or a friend?


We spend most of our spare time with our partners - whether waking up in the morning, during the evenings after work or over the weekend - so it makes sense that people look for someone who stimulates their mind. To do this, you need to have something to talk about, which comes from experiences, reading, socialising and talking to other people. If you can hold a conversation, you’re more likely to hold onto a partner.
Do you strive to learn more and educate yourself?
Could you talk about current events?

A Good Listener

If being a good conversationalist is a vital quality in a partner, so too is a good listener. Having our feelings heard and someone’s whole focus can make us feel like the centre of their universe - as we should when it comes to our partners! So make sure to put your phone down and turn the TV off when they’re talking.
Do you give your partner your undivided attention?
Do you forget about important dates or events that have been arranged?


We go through so many ups and downs in life, and the one person we would expect comfort and warmth from is our partner. You can show love in so many different ways - from regular hugs to grand gestures. With the hardships that people have experienced in 2020, we’ve never needed to be shown love more.
Do you hug your partner, family or friends when you see them?
When your partner is loving, do you show them love in return or push them away?


Who doesn’t want a partner who is thinking more about them than themselves? Thoughtful people are attentive, understanding and sympathetic to others’ needs and feelings, so being in a relationship with them is rewarding for the other half because they are always considered, never neglected.
Do you speak to your partner when making plans or changes?
What was the last thoughtful thing you did for your partner?


The ability to make people laugh has long been considered a desirable trait and making your partner laugh is no exception. From humour being the best medicine through to laughing someone into bed, we crave comedy during the best and worst times in our lives. The good feeling it gives both giver and receiver makes it an ingredient for a perfect love match. Bear in mind that sometimes the funniest moments between a couple are when they’re unintended!
How do you make your partner laugh?
What’s one of the funniest moments you've shared together?

Down to Earth

People who are down to earth make others feel relaxed and welcome in their company, so we want to spend time with them. They do not consider themselves to be more important than anyone nor do they look down on others. Everyone is equal - and in a relationship, both partners should feel equal.
Do you value your partner’s opinion?
Do you go out of your way to make people feel comfortable?