Give Mum A Special, Socially-Distanced Mother’s Day

It’s never easy being away from our loved ones, but it’s even harder when we’re approaching a day specifically dedicated to them. Many of us are currently unable to see our lovely mums due to social restrictions and travel bans, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t do something special for yours this Mother’s Day, whether you live down the road or on the other side of the world.

Virtual Cooking Class

Do something fun and different together no matter how far away you are. Get your kitchen utensils ready, gather your ingredients and take part in a joint cooking competition online, working with the same recipe. You could bake a cake or make a classic dish from your childhood. It makes a standard video call more exciting and you can see each other’s results live on screen!

Send a Box of Love

Collect items that you know your mum will love to show her you’re thinking of her, package them in a hamper-style box and send it to her to open for Mother’s Day. What are her favourite things? Don’t forget to include some messages from you that she can read, along with old and new photos. Last Mother’s Day, one of our Love Note Specialists sent her mum a hamper with a NoteCube filled with photos of her baby son, whom she had yet to meet. Expect plenty of tears and appreciation for the effort you’ve made to customise her own box of love.

Gift Subscription

Remind your mum that you love her with a new gift every month. A gift subscription gives her something to look forward to, during a time when it’s impossible to make plans and life may be pretty mundane for her. There are plenty of items to choose from, from potted plants and wine to coffee and pyjamas.

Brunch on Skype

You may usually take your mum out to brunch, but why not bring it home this Mother’s Day? Set up a Skype call for 11am and catch up over pastries, jams, teas and sparkling wine, laid out on your tables just as it would in a fancy cafe. Better yet - arrange for a hamper of breakfast and brunch goodies to arrive on her doorstep so she’s fully catered for!

Get Her a Home Pamper Kit

If, like one of our Love Note Specialists, you normally send your mum on a spa day for Mother’s Day, but she can’t go this year due to restrictions, send her all the products she may need so she can pamper herself at home. Help her relax with essential oils, bath salts, face masks, body lotions, fruit teas, candles and comfy socks.

Don’t forget to show your mum you love her this Mother’s Day. Show her with a NoteCube.