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124 reviews

NOTECUBE // $65 $55 USD + free shipping
124 reviews

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Important: if the notes will be written by just you, you'll be able to add photos. If friends & family will be writing notes too, photos will not be available.

Rated Excellent 9/10 on TrustPilot, here at the NoteCube HQ we believe a gift should make someone's day extra special & create that happy feeling that we all love so much. NoteCube is a box filled with beautiful notes that have been written for a special occasion, event or person. It's a way for people to express their feelings towards someone special, a box full of memories and love. It's an opportunity for you to give a gift they won't forget, a gift they can rely on to make them smile; a reminder of how wonderful they are.

Notes are written on the website to make it simple for them to be from many different contributors or just one person. Once you've marked it as ready to ship, the notes will be printed on gorgeous Italian card, tied together with a champagne ribbon, and shipped in an unforgettable NoteCube that's crafted for longevity & style.

The cube is made from the highest quality rigid construction & materials for longevity, fastened with magnets to add that extra pop. Navy Blue exterior and interior with a slot designed specifically for holding the notes.

1// Order a NoteCube today, it only takes a few minutes.

2// Start writing and submitting your messages.

3// Mark your NoteCube as complete once you're done.

4// We'll print your notes and deliver them in a specially made NoteCube.

How many notes per NoteCube?
The max note limit per NoteCube is 60. On each note you can have 350 characters with size 11(pt) Muli font.

How long do I have to write the notes?
As long as you like. Just mark your NoteCube as complete when you're ready to have it shipped.

Do I have to reach the note limit?
No, not at all. You could just write a few notes if you really wanted.

How big is the box?
W105mm x L105mm x H40mm.

Do you ship worldwide?
We sure do! We've sent NoteCube's all around the world.

Visit our FAQ page for more Q&A's ❤️️
Allow time for us to receive notes from you, your friends & family. It can take up to 12 business days for your NoteCube to arrive at its destination once you've confirmed all the notes have been submitted; 2 days for preparing the NoteCube and 10 days for delivery (outside Australia). If you would like to pay for express shipping (delivery would take 3-5 business days), drop us an email after your purchase. Express shipping costs an extra $15. Please keep this in mind as we always want to make sure the NoteCube arrives on time.

Once you've purchased your NoteCube, you'll receive an email containing a unique link where people can submit their notes. Check your spam/junk folder if you don't receive the email.

NEW: Left it a bit too late? We've got you covered with a mobile version of your NoteCube. Let them enjoy their NoteCube wherever they are on their mobile or until their NoteCube arrives. Check out the demo here: Demo

James & Lauren are proud to stand behind every NoteCube that is sold. If you're not 100% satisfied with your NoteCube, we'll give you a full refund.

NEW: we've introduced new tools to help you write notes and get inspired, try them out here - these tools are optional.

NEW: with our refer tool we aim to take the hassle out of reminding your friends & family to write a note. Once you've entered their email we'll remind them every 3 days to write a note until they do.



"It was incredibly touching watching him read note after note! Thank you so much for all your hard work and for helping me give him such a beautiful gift!" - Marcella Lico


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