To Josh
Made with love by Lilly
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Josh you're truly an amazing boyfriend, here's a little gift to remind you of some of the reasons why I love you so much.
You're the intelligent man that opened my mind, the gorgeous guy who opened my eyes, and now, the gentleman that has opened my heart.
I trust you with all of my heart, and I promise that you'll always be able to trust me for the rest of our lives.
I really love how loyal you are, not only to me but also to your friends and family. You're such a wonderful man.
You're extremely supportive of the decisions I make, I always feel like you have my back.
1 Solar System,
8 Planets,
204 Countries,
809 Islands,
7 Seas,
& I was lucky enough to meet you.
You're always open with your feelings and not afraid to tell me what you think. Although it's hard to talk about certain things, our relationship is endlessly stronger as a result. I admire your honesty, and strive to reflect these qualities in myself.
Having you cheer me on by my side is such a blessing. Thank you for believing in me, Josh.
Seven billion smiles in this world & yours will always be my favourite Josh.
Josh, you go above and beyond for the people you love, and we're so lucky to have someone like you in our lives.
What if you could make their entire week in just a few minutes from now?